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News Last Updated 05/24/99

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Disclaimer:  There is absolutely no affiliation between Melrose Place TV and either Spelling Productions or the television series Melrose Place.  Of course, if the show didnít exist, neither would this page unless we turned to real life in La-La Land for our laughs!  The episode summaries are loosely-based on the series and attempt to provide a humorous yet informative slant on the show.  Furthermore, you may find some descriptions bordering on the rude, crude, and even lewd -- keeping in the spirit of the folks at 4616 Melrose Place.  Heck, Jake doesn't know what PC means either!  A special "Thanks" to Laurie McCanna and her The Free Art Site  and  for the free use of the background pattern, and Spectral Design (Spectral Design Backgrounds & Textures: Volume 1) for the use of a couple background tiffs converted to gifs.

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